BPM Concerti

It was the year 2013. The skies of the independent music world started…


    It was the year 2013. The skies of the independent music world started becoming cloudy and grey and the big international predators started lining up, ready to attack. Estragon Lab and Virus Concerti, two of the agencies that distinguished themselves the most at a national and international level during the past decade, decided to join forces and by merging they gave birth to a great independent reality that goes by the name of BPM Concerti.
    At the root of BPM’s work there are one of the most representative rosters on the Italian independent scene and the active work towards foreign realities, as our founders Alessandro Ceccarelli and Attilio Perissinotti have established themselves as promoters in the European market.

    We have over 50 Italian artists we’re working with as we have a deep knowledge of the national territory and of the national music scene, planning tours of different kinds.

    We have two headquarters. One in Bologna, in via Stalingrado, 83, and one in Pordenone, in viale Cossetti, 20/B.

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    agent: Alessandro Ceccarelli (+39 335 7169140)
    email: cecca@bpmconcerti.com