Campania Music Commission

Is a project firmly wanted by Lawyer Ferdinando Tozzi


    The Campania Music Commission (CMC) is a project firmly wanted by Lawyer Ferdinando Tozzi (expert lawyer in copyright and show business) that is born after considering simple facts:
    Campania is a land rich of human and cultural resources which are traditionally connected to music in its different explications.
    The need of creating “connection” between cultural and entertainment companies with the institutions
    CMC is based Is based on the strength of the major private music players who, through the association, have decided to "land" in Campania. Apart from the institutional support of the leading music federation and major industry associations, it enjoys full trust amongst others, national discography and major associations, as well as some of the industry's leading operators and entrepreneurs and all of its industry as, among others, FIMI ( Italian industrial music federation) Google Italia, the New Imaie, Fondazione Banco Napoli, Federalberghi, l'Unione Industriali, SCF, Campania Film Commission, AudioCoop, as well as the University of Naples- Federico II, il C.R.E.D.A., l’Italian academy of the Internet Code, the School of Cinema, and many others who are each in varying degrees and according to their own choices and skills in the process of becoming or becoming; many other national music professionals also joined, having CMC clearly a unitary goal: the growth of the music segment.

    By its very nature CMC is an open structure that wants to "federate"; Its activity also wants to be a constant call to action of the best private and public forces, none excluded, even in order to promote musicians in Campania and Campania itself.
    The purpose is also to fill a clear gap, namely the almost total absence of tourist flows in Campania linked to music, as well as the almost total absence, except for events predominantly sporadic and without a real relapse, of enhancing the cultural heritage of the Campania through music.
    In fact, during these years, there has been a strong demand for music (alive with the proliferation of a whole new series of small and tiny activities spread all over the country, as well as record labels and all its induced) as well as the need to carry out an activity of valorization, circuitry and development of the best professionalism (productive, promoters, technicians and artists) and musical proposals that often for the very characteristics of the market stall to find the possibility of being able to perform live out of its often local circuits.
    A cross between "demand" and "offer" that we think can be of great benefit, especially for younger and more technology-intensive activities.
    It is obvious, necessary and crucial, therefore, to connect businesses and cultural institutions to stimulate growth, social and entrepreneurship in the music industry, discography and its related in the broad sense to create a fertile substrate suitable and open to anyone who wants to make music projects such as phonographic, digital, and live productions on the territory.
    Since it is a very strategic project for the country, within the "power of private autonomy" it also has been brought to the attention of both the Campania Region, which has been very interested and with which is a fruitful collaboration, and the Municipality of Naples, with which a profitable dialogue is also beginning.

    Campania is thus the first Italian region to be endowed with such a body as it is composed and characterized.

    The project is imagined to be projected also in the world of training and work, with the possibility of creating new professional figures also linked to the new technologies applied to the music industry, as well as the diffusion of the culture of copy-right, essential tools for continuing the creative production of content.
    The Campania Music Commission's objectives and services include, among others:
    A) to develop the chain of professional skills necessary for the national and international recording industry;
    B) attract national and foreign investment in the music industry;
    C) Encourage the development of new professional and entrepreneurial youth initiatives for the development of the musical and digital chain in Campania;
    D) designing (and constantly updating) a CMC database in which the best professionals in the active music industry will be involved;
    E) to create initiatives in the field of music productions, including digital, in particular to develop opportunities for young musicians;

    F) provide assistance and advice to projects related to musical production (for the entire business chain);
    G) provide assistance also through technical and administrative facilitations (such as lowering production costs, simplifying licensing procedures, etc.) for the use of facilities for musical production and the production of musical productions;
    H) designing (and constantly updating) a database for location, hospitality, all staff and consultancy for requesting permissions, burocratic planning for obtaining all the necessary practices and permits to realize productions - including Public space occupation and road closure, Urban Guard, Fire and Police Authorizations, Authorizations of Superintendencies, State / Italian Railways, Airports, Relations with Local Authorities (Region, Provinces, Municipalities, etc.) and with other institutions present in the territory (Territorial Consortia, Associations, etc.);
    I) to keep track of musical, artistic and cultural projects for the creation and promotion of new record productions, identifying each time the specific characteristics, within the necessary description of the creative project and the production project to which it belongs (as well as communication and promotion);
    L) to develop a project of internationalization of the popular and pop-rock music system, also in order to activate music programming abroad to promote international knowledge of the regional cultural heritage (and of the neapolitan music) and the results and productions carried out with CMC support;
    M) organize meetings with operators throughout the country and abroad, in particular at trade fairs to promote CMC. At the same time, enter into agreements and collaborations with universities, schools, research centers to promote CMC activities and also to promote the culture of lawfulness with respect to intellectual property and copyright;
    N) to promote a system of regional and extra-territorial music festivals, and to participate in events such as Medimex or Hit Week in particular to create opportunities for young musicians;
    O) offer every possible support for the forthcoming Digital Music Forum ventures with FIMI - an annual moment of comparison between the different players active in the music world (artists, authors, business and market operators) - who have dealt with and managed in the last Years such a digital revolution;
    P) to evaluate the opening of dialogue channels with the major players in the distribution of music, such as Spotify or YouTube.
    Everything always looking forward the utmost care for youth and new technologies
    The Campania Music Commission, with the support of a valued team of professionals, technicians and partners, as been immediately active - according to the aforementioned "guidelines"- in the interest of the music segment!
    Just to mention the successes of projects like:
    “Teresa canta Pino”,
    “Maldestro” (also with the presence of CMC at Sanremo),
    the artist musical residences,
    projects related to new technologies,
    participation (victorious) at public invitations,
    training projects,
    seminars and meetings (including the Digital Music Forum),
    In short, CMC is already doing so much for the territory and the music segment, it:
    • has already created a cross between demand and supply,
    • has already - through music - valorized the material and immaterial Campania cultural assets and its "brand"
    • has already designed for youth and new technologies,
    • is already working to identify the needs of the music segment and to try to find answers!
    • has already become a "consultory" for young music professionals
    Precisely for its purpose of promoting the territory and its material and immaterial cultural assets, CMC intends to be a hub, a "door" to facilitate a cross between "demand" and "supply" of great benefit, especially for younger and more technological activities. For these reasons CMC has promoted something really organic for the compartment and supports the potential for growth and development of the sector: a regional music law!
    In conjunction with the Campania Region that has shown great sensitivity to the theme and borrowing as much as possible the best practices of the regional audiovisual law, CMC has started to meet many industry players in a constantly-open call to action optics.
    CMC has had "pre-tables" to compare with industry professionals and is identifying the first "guide lines" to be transmitted to the Region Legislative power. In this context it is clear, among other things, the need for operators and institutions, of an organism who can be a "hub", a platform for the music system in Campania, to give the strategy and suggest the best actions for the music sector in Campania and, last but not least, plays a role as the only "bipolar" interface between the Campanian and industry institutions and the local professionals and extra Campanian.
    This is the Campania Music Commission, which has, since its birth, with its only strenght, started to work in thie direction of development of a rich an comfortable enviroment for the music indudtry.
    For these reasons CMC wants to built a “bridge” with USA and the US music Industry.

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    referent: Avv. Ferdinando Tozzi (+39 3356646974)