Davide Berardi

In 1985, born in Puglia. He always alternates teaching music and…


    In 1985, born in Puglia. He always alternates teaching music and artistic career. Started as autodidact, got the jazz chain degree in 2016 at the ‘G.Paisiello’ Conservatory. He has been studied with Mario Rosini, Nico Morelli, Mirko Signorile, Nicola Locritani, Larry Franco. He studied at the “Scuola Biennale per direttori di coro della scuola primaria” sponsored by ArCoPu (Regional Association Choir of Puglia) and FENIARCO (National Federation of Choirs) in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Public School (MIUR) under the guidance of Luigi Leo, Sabino Manzo, Palmo Liuzzi and he has been graduated in 2017. His performances as singer and songwriter too are used to be in national and international theatrical and musical tours. In 2008 he made his professional debut either as singer and songwriter too in ‘Cantinaria’ and worked in most of prestigious theatres of Puglia in ‘Mondo G.’, a tribute to ‘Giorgio Gaber’, one of the greatest actor and Italian singer. Since 2008 he has been working either as actor and singer for Berardi Casolari theatral Company, in the play ‘Io provo a volare’ Domenico Modugno’s tribute, he has performances in Italy, Argentina, Bolivia, France, Slovenia, Serbia and in ‘La Prima La Migliore’ produced by ‘ERT (Emilia Romagna Teatro) in 2015. In 2011 he worked at the Appia Ensamble project, a live album ‘Balla ancora’ he was on tour in Italy, Greece, Holland, Spain. The following year he published his second album “Chi si accontenta muore”, supported by Puglia Sounds, with Eugenio Bennato, Mario Rosini, Camillo Pace, Roy Paci, Antonello D’Urso and Vince Pàstano featurings. In 2013, he won the 3rd prize at Premio Lunezia and had his performance at “Ca jazz Woluvè” Festival (Brussels). In 2014 he won the “Lauzi Prize – Best Text” with the song “Indescrivibile” and after then he worked at the new album “Fuochi e Fate”, published in June 2016. In March 2016 he took part in the “Unfolkettable two ” Nico Morelli’s jazz pianist album, displayed at the Sunset Sunside in Paris in May 2016. in September he won ” Professione Talento ” Prize at FIM 2016, “Festival degli Autori di Sanremo” and the 2nd prize at “L’artista che non c’era” and other important national prizes. In January 2017 he won “Targa d’autore Giorgio Calabrese ” for “Fuochi & Fate” and in October 2018 he won “Premio Pino Massara ” two prizes in memory of two most important Italian composers. He works as a teacher of jazz and modern chain, choir teacher, interpreting and songwriting teacher, in various academies and Institutes in Bari, Cosenza, Milano, Taranto.


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