Duo Indaba

Traditional and popular songs from all over the world revisited in brand new arrangements.


    The collaboration between Matteo and Alessia began in 2011 during the recording of the cd "Espiro".
    After that project they started working on a repertoire of songs from all around the world, blending original fingerstyle guitar arrangements with traditional and popular melodies. The result was the album "Indaba", released at the beginning of 2013 and followed by concerts both in local venues and in important festivals such as Un Paese a Sei Corde, Ossola Guitar Festival, AlPlan FolkFest and Calici Sotto le Stelle.

    Their aim is to bring a new perspective to world music; they perform songs that made the history of music, with arrangements that reflect the personal taste and experiences of Matteo and Alessia. Songs of different styles of music, ranging from popular to reggae, middle-eastern to funk, from Celtic to blues, are sung in more than nine different languages. The result is impressive for the variety of atmospheres that "just" one guitar and one voice can create.
    Their interpretations show passion and elegance and are filled with subtle nuances that make every arrangement distinctive and unique.
    Matteo uses the guitar as if it was a small band, evoking sounds that are at times Celtic and at other times Spanish or African; and sometimes he treats the guitar as it was a percussion instrument. He often fills their performances with some instrumental song.


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