Elva Lutza & Renat Sette

A duo who combines traditional sardinian music, jazz improvisation and…


    A duo who combines traditional sardinian music, jazz improvisation and songwriting, meets up with the last trobadour from Provence, Renat Sette. Born as an original project for “The International Book Expo” in Turin (2012), the collaboration leads to many succesful concerts all over Europe (Sardinia, Italy, France, Spain, England) and a CD
    “Amada” who proved to be a success, with many great reviews in all the ethno/world/folk medias.
    The project involves both occitan and sardinian repertoires, reinvented into a vortex of odd rhythms, exciting improvisations, instrumental dexterity and virtuosity but also some slower and contemplative moments.
    Elva Lutza (Nico Casu on vocals and trumpet and Gianluca Dessì on guitars and mandola) were awarded the Premio Andrea Parodi, prestigious prize for Italian World Music and their first album was hailed as the best opera-prima of 2011. Renat Sette is one of the most well-known traditional singer in the south of France and had collaborations, among the others, with the mandolin player Patrick Vaillant and the persian percussionist Bijan Chemirani.
    Both Elva Lutza and Renat Sette are part of the show “Limbas”, combining singers and musicians from different areas of mediterranean (Sardinia, Provence, Sicily, Catalunya, Friuli).


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