Everything begins with Secondo Casadei: he was an Italian “ballroom…


    Everything begins with Secondo Casadei: he was an Italian “ballroom dance” - liscio - composer that managed to put together the music made by Romagna’s farmers with the traditional Middle European dances thus making world music.
    In 2016 Mirco Mariani and Moreno “Il Biondo” Conficconi, inspired by Secondo Casadei’s works, form Extraliscio: a project that wants to bring back the timeless grandeur of historical songs and slow dances that marked Italian and Romagna’s transformations.
    Extraliscio’s live debut is dazzling and they play everywhere: clubs, discotheques, baleras, recreational centers and festivals. They also play at Notte del Liscio sharing the stage with Goran Bregovic in 2016 and with Shantel in 2017. The result is that youngsters and old people find themselves together dancing wildly to Extraliscio’s tunes.
    Summer 2017 marks their comeback with a double record titled respectively “Balabilessum” and “Not Danceable - Imballabilissimi”. With this double record they share their love for the origin of liscio and its future. Inside “Balabilessum” we find a collection of classic songs written by Secondo Casadei being played as they used to be played originally by Moreno “Il Biondo” Conficconi (C clarinet) and Fiorenzo Tassinari (saxophone). A philological exercise that brings back those pure, savage and fascinating sounds that cannot be found in todays’ orchestras. In “Not Danceable - Imballabilissimi” we find “Balabilessum”’s songs revisited by Mirco Mariani (Vinicio Capossela, Marc Ribot, Arto Lindsay, Mitchell Froom). He makes those renown melodies become delirious and dissonant so that tradition can tackle with our cities’ ground noise.
    Their double album is surely a point of arrival and it has been produced by iCompany and Casadei Sonora.
    Extraliscio will be playing through Italy past summer and now they are going to play in all over the world.


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