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The Association A.M. “Adriatico Mediterraneo” was born in Ancona in…


    The Association A.M. “Adriatico Mediterraneo” was born in Ancona in 2007, from the previous experience of the Association “Musica Klezmer”, active since 1996. Right from the very first moment the Association revealed its strong vocation to cultural exchange. In 2007 “Klezmer festival” changed its name into “International Adriatic Mediterranean festival”, widening its attention to the manifold creative expressions in the Adriatic Mediterranean basin, and promote, also on an institutional level, the vocation to interregional cooperation through a complex cultural project with an international dimension. The first aim has been to legitimate the cultural identity of the territory of the Marches and its county town, Ancona, a millenary town which has always been considered the door to the East. The Association wants to contribute to the depiction of new sceneries of integration and cohesion by establishing a dialogue between the countries of the Adriatic- Mediterranean basin and the Balcanic area. The idea is to create a widespread confrontation and cultural exchange to represent the manifold artistic expressions, but most of all to realize and strengthen territorial networks of cultural cooperation. Many are the Italian and International artist involved in the past editions of the event, amongst them: Emir Kusturica, Pedrag Matvejevic, Noa, Goran Bregovic, Ute Lemper, Diamanda Galas, Moni Ovadia, Giovanni Allevi, Eugenio Bennato, Nicola Piovani, Neri Marcorè, Dario Fo., Ambrogio Sparagna, Teresa de Sio, Carmen Consoli. Edoardo Bennato, Enzo Avitabile, Vinicio Capossela. “Adriatic Mediterranean festival” has different stages, each one with its own specific segments in the different geographical areas interested, as to reproduce the cultural plurality of the Mediterranean. Occasions are promoted, both in new and in pre-existent contests, for the production, the set up and the presentation of cultural events, with the involvement of local artists and residents: the aim is to create a sort of International circuit where a permanent cultural exchange can be established.

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    director: Giovanni Seneca (+39 3358175803)
    email: direzione@adriaticomediterraneo.eu