Fil Rouge Quintet

The poetry of french language enhanced by the mix of middle eastern,…


    The poetry of french language enhanced by the mix of middle eastern, latin and mediterranean sounds in jazz music.
    The Fil Rouge project rise from the intense understanding between two women, the singer Maria Teresa Leonetti and the pianist Manuela Iori, who translate into words and music their melancholic mood, at the same time full of energy and dynamic. The incisiveness of the trumpet,
    the regular rhythms of drums and percussions and the intensity of the double bass color fill the sound.
    Fil Rouge music touches the most diverse sounds, timbres and colors: Mediterranean melodies with Arabic and Maghreb echoes. Latin rhythms of bossanova and tango permeated with underground influences tied to funk and hip-hop not least blues and swing.
    The first album “L’inconnue”, the unknown in every
    one of us, published in spring 2016, received a good feedback in italian press (La Repubblica, La Nazione).
    It moves across different harmony. Alternating tonal and modal composition. Thus creating never taken for granted atmospheres.
    The songs are predominately written in French, the language of the soul of the singer. They speak about the Alsatian Countryside, about people met during a one-year journey; they speak about complicated lives and friendships developed in a Winter-time Strasbourg, a city radiated by a light, white like snow. The songs speak about painful relationships, life beyond illness and oblivion. They speak about a father came to known in senile age with all his fragilities and regained wisdom. They speak about a mother, small and full of life that runs, runs every moment of the day, who finds peacefulness in long walks through the countryside, to look for herbs to cook with. Not least, foggy atmospheres along the Senna, evoked by Jean Gabin’s film o by Maupassant short stories.


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