Gianni Lamagna

Singer and actor, born in Naples, he made his debut in 1972. In 1979…


    Singer and actor, born in Naples, he made his debut in 1972. In 1979 enters the Roberto De Simone company, and start a study on the vocalism that will allow him to sing sacred music and that of tradition, the ancient arias and contemporary music. Later, he participates in most of the works of the Master, by theatrical-musical ones: La Gatta Cenerentola, L’opera Buffa of Holy Thursday, the Canto de Cunti them, The Dragon, dedicated to Mary, 99 The misfortunes of Pulcinella, The Work of Centosedici etc., those operatic: Piedigrotta, Crispin and the Mistress, Pasolini Requiem, Stabat Mater, Carmina Vivianea, Cantata per Masaniello, The Cantatrici Villane. In 1980 he co-founded the group Media Aetas, and participates in many international festivals in Italy and abroad (Germany, France, Spain, Israel, Russia, Iraq, U.S.A., Brazil, Algeria, Mexico, Argentina). Since 1991 collaborates with Antonello Paliotti, musician and composer with whom he made the recital: If I did, DediCanto, Love Sing, Coppola Rossa and Le Forme Incantate, presented with great success in Italy and abroad. In the following years took part in the Festival of Contemporary Music Performance around Warhol, is the voice in hard Condemned to wander on the Colin Muset Ensemble seas, is a soloist and narrator in the concert Lauda Around the Stabat, a soloist in the concert Vox Animae with Mariano Rigillo and soloists of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. In 1997, officially began working with the NUOVA COMPAGNIA DI CANTO POPOLARE (Sanremo ‘98, Malelingue Tour NCCP & 99 Posse, Li Saracini adore Mo Sun) and since then worked actively to the intense activity that the group performs in Italy and in the world.


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