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Italia Migrante’s mission is to spread italian traditional music and…


    Italia Migrante’s mission is to spread italian traditional music and dance abroad, mixing traditional and contemporary styles together in a very enthralling show for the dancing audience.The name “Italia Migrante” enphasizes the exchange
    and contamination between different cultures, due to people migration and movement, that creates a modern and multi-ethnic sound, and an open and spontaneous dialogue through the music.
    The band was born in 2013 at Cruzando Fronteras, world art festival in Mexico, where Italia Migrante was the only traditional italian music representative bringing “tarantella” dance in Quintana Roo! In the following years they played in different italian contexts: very important and successful art festivals with thousands of people like “La Notte delle Candele” (Vallerano - VT) or “Folk in
    Progress” (Toffia - RI), important world music events like “Tout le Monde World Art Festival” (Larciano - PT), famous ethno and jazz festival like “Stagione Borgiana” (Nepi - VT) and Salotti musicali (Latina - LT) and many other local
    village festivals throughout Italy.
    Italia Migrante’ show is made up by musicians and dancers with a repertoire consisting in traditional songs of South and Center Italy, played with a modern sound. The lyrics themes highlight world’s common people feelings such as love, struggle, work, journey in search of a better future...
    all this is linked to traditional dance rhythms energy.
    At present Italia Migrante is working on its first album, that will include traditional songs rearranged and its aim is to be involved in live tours around the world. Live performances are Italia Migrante’s vocation: shows are effervescent and of an irresistible fun, and audience is fully involved.
    The band includes many musicians with long-lasting experience on cultural projects linked to traditional Italian music, dance, and musical instruments (tamburello, tammorra, etc.), therefore, Italia Migrante is willing to offer these kind of services and competences as well, if required in some contexts.

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    referent: Giulia Tripoti (+39 3206758026)