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Fingerstyle is a manner to play guitar without using a plectrum. In fact…


    Fingerstyle is a manner to play guitar without using a plectrum. In fact fingertips and nails are being used instead of guitar pick, just like the classical guitar. In Taranto lives one of the fingerstyle performers on an international basis: she is an amazing talent and her name is Palma Cosa. Recently, in December 2017 Palma Cosa had a live performance at UBIK, a renown bookstore in Taranto: On that occasion Palma presented, in public, her first musical work: the work is called “Acoustic Dream”. The album was produced in collaboration with the independent label “Joe Black Production”. After the conservatory, Palma decides to refine what she has learned, and begins to do this thanks to an internationally renowned Master such as Alirio Diaz. But Palma does not stop here and decides to explore some new lands and new ways of making music with her instrument: this is why she joins a jazz guitar course held by important music artist Enrico Rava; Palma gains, immediately, the esteem of the acclaimed jazz player because of her personal performance of the well-known song by Antonio Carlos Jobim, “La Garota de Ipanema”. Jazz attracts her a lot, so much so that one of her favs, musically speaking, is Michael Hedges, who, besides being a jazzman, is an innovator of guitar execution techniques, such as tapping and open tunings, along with the new age style. Finally, the deep love for jazz leads her to attend jazz music and improvisation courses held at the Roman Academy of Music by guitarist Fabio Zeppetella. At the end of this process of personal growth and of musical evolution Palma is already sure of what the definitive form of her sound will be: it will be the fingerstyle, to which she will forever link her name and her career; this choice is, also, ideally dedicated to the unforgettable Michael Hedges, whose music is her source of inspiration: nevertheless, she will be able to detach herself completely from her idol and create something new and original.

    At the end of the ‘90s Palma succeeds in a competition promoted by the notorious label SEVEN which, assisted by the leading record company, "Nonlosò", based in Milan , creates a CD of unpublished music by young authors (The Seven Compilation 1997): this compilation includes the song for acoustic guitar entitled CRAZY DAY, which is chosen by the record industry executive Franco Serafini (music arranger for the famous singer Mina).

    Palma joins numerous competitions and many musical events. This is really a period full of personal satisfactions that count so much for young Palma: she has the personal reward to play alongside a sacred monster like musician Mark White, during the seminars of UMBRIA JAZZ 2002.


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