"...I had never listened to music so obedient to Beauty..." (Michele…


    "...I had never listened to music so obedient to Beauty..."

    (Michele Caccamo for the magazine "Fare Musica e dintorni")

    Rebis is a duo formed by the songwriter Alessandra Ravizza and the guitar player Andrea Megliola. Departing from the enchanting and multicultural harbour of Genoa, their songs are a fertile breeding ground for the encounter of stories, languages (Italian, Arabic and French) and melodies from the Mediterranean. In 2017 they received the Best Lyrics Award for the song “ابحثي عني في البحر” (Search me in the sea) at the Premio Andrea Parodi (the only world music prize in Italy), where they also proved to be the favourites of Mundofonías. In 2015 they were awarded with the Lineatrad Prize “for renovating the Genoese songwriting tradition, by deviating from classical patterns and presenting a shining Mediterranean beauty”. Their efforts to explore the roots of Italian music while opening innovative perspectives were acknowledged in 2013 by the MEI (Meeting of Independent Labels), who chose their first album “Naufragati nel deserto” (Shipwrecked in the desert) to represent in China the modern Italian song.

    They have performed in many festivals, theatres, clubs and universities in Italy, Tunisia, French, Portugal and China. Their concerts are characterised by a strong emotional and cultural impact and present a cohesive musical ensemble which varies, according to the context, from two to eight musicians on stage, including: Edmondo Romano on wind instruments, Salah Namek on cello (Marcel Khalifa, Majida El Roumi, Sabah Fakhri), Roberto Piga on violin (Riccardo Muti, Luis Bacalov), Emanuele Milletti on bass, Matteo Rebora on percussions and Julyo Fortunato on accordion.

    Speaking about their new album, “Qui” (meaning “Here” in Italian), financed through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser, Alessandra Ravizza says: «We are facing a deep identity crisis. Violence appears with different gradations and facets, producing in turn pain, fear and violence. In my experience as a music therapy student, I have learnt about the importance of getting the patient to resonate with his healthy self. Likewise, with our album “Qui”, we have chosen to give voice to the healthy side of our times. “Qui” is an anthology of women’s stories and their search for a place in the world. The album is composed of eleven songs in Italian, Arabic and French: “emotional bridges” between Mediterranean shores».


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