One of the most representative ethnic music projects of Basilicata and…


    One of the most representative ethnic music projects of Basilicata and southern Italy, RENANERA, since 2012 have produced 6 albums (two of which were released in 2019 with Vittorio De Scalzi and the other with Leon Pantarei) published with the most important labels (Taranta Power, iCompany, CNI New Indye Company, WMusic).
    The artistic project offers sounds and ethnic content impregnated with the Mediterranean and mixed with electronics.  This is well summarized in the Renanera logo that symbolizes the sonic synthesis of two musical genres: the ethnic and the electronic united inextricably by the sense of belonging to the land and the Mediterranean. In fact, the spiral, a recurring symbol in the iconography linked to taranta, and in a broad sense to popular music, becomes square in shape as the microchip of computers and synthesizers used for the creation of modern electronic music.
    Performed in over 200 concerts, the project has a strong ethnic matrix contaminated with modern electronic sounds. They have also collaborated with Eugenio Bennato, Michele Placido, Marcello Coleman, Lino Vairetti (Osanna), Ciccio Merolla.
    The Renanera have received numerous awards: they have won the fifth edition of Music Against the Mafia (in 2015) with the song Campo. In 2017 they were awarded the Critics' Award for the Etno Song section of the Mia Martini Prize with the song on the theme of bullying "Je mo' m'accir'". In May 2019 he was awarded the certificate of "Italian Excellence" at the Chamber of Deputies by the association Ager Mea with the following motivation: "Because with their music they expressed the best energy of the South".
    Their music has been used for films and TV broadcasts and they have participated in many television broadcasts. We remember some of them.  On Raiuno the broadcast "TOP Summer, everything that is trending" and on New Year's Eve in the broadcast "The year that will come" with Amadeus in the editions of 2016 and 2018 , but they also participated in "Voices of a Land - Basilicata broadcast" of Rai History in 8 also aired episodes all over the world on Rai Italia with 19 tracks. They also duetted with Neri Per Caso and Vittorio De Scalzi in his celebration for the 50th anniversary of his career in the event broadcast "No time without flags" with the conduct of Fabrizio Frizzi at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples (Rai Premium).


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    Art Director: Antonio Deodati
    Cell: +39 328 867 1388