Rondinella & Cincotti

It’s a musical project borned in 2013 created by the singer and actress…


    It’s a musical project borned in 2013 created by the singer and actress Francesca Rondinella who belongs to a family that has carried on a tradition of musical performance extending from the early 19th century to its current feast of the Neapolitan musical tradition in all its variety and the pianist and accordion player Giosi Cincotti, musician, composer and arranger, conservatory graduate in Jazz at the San Pietro a Majella Neapolitan college of music.
    Their performances have been also appreciated in Italy and abroad: Francesca in London, Berlin, Moscow and Beijing and Giosi in U.S.A. for his arrangement of the soundtrack of John Turturro’s last movie “Fading Gigolo”.
    This elegant and creative duo offers the public their concert of popular and poetic songs from a traditional and modern repertoire both inspired by the crowd of eccentric figures that populate the songs in Naples to the sprightly folk music.
    They also evoke the "sung poetry" poignant nostalgia of the great tradition of the Mediterranean world by sentimental songs with classic soulful emotional melodies of long popular favourites.
    Listen to these songs is a journey through the worldwide popular music and the great musical tradition that is still alive and creative full of charm and humorous grace notes that engage the heart.


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