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A multi-instrumentalist, expert in Mediterranean music and director of…


    A multi-instrumentalist, expert in Mediterranean music and director of international ensembles, Stefano Saletti is the founder of the Banda Ikona, comprised of such famous musicians such as the vocalist Barbara Eramo, the winds player Gabriele Coen, the violinist Carlo Cossu, the bassist Mario Rivera and the drummer Giovanni Lo Cascio.
    Many of the Piccola Banda Ikona’s original compositions are sung in Sabir, a lingua franca used by sailors, pirates, fishermen, merchants and ship- owners in Mediterranean ports to communicate with one another; until the early decades of the twentieth century this form of sea-faring “Esperanto” developed little by little availing of terms from Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic.
    In their last cd “Soundcity: sounds from border towns”(published by Finisterre and distributed by Felmay) Stefano Saletti started from the recordings that he had made around the Mediterranean in many border cities: Lampedusa, Istanbul, Tangier, Lisbon, Jaffa, Sarajevo, Ventotene... Sounds, noises, radios, voices, sound spaces, buskers have all inspired his melodies, lyrics and rhythms.
    In June 2016 “Soundcity” has reached the top ten of World Music Charts Europe (4th) and remained on the charts for three months and in May 2016 the top ten of the Transglobal World Music Charts.
    Their previous cd called “Folkpolitik” contains Saletti’s original compositions and arrangements of tunes by the Mediterranean authors who, through their music, have described the struggle against power, suffering, persecution, arrests and violence. In October 2012 “Folkpolitik” has reached the top ten of World Music Charts Europe and also this Cd remained on the charts for three months.
    In recent years Stefano Saletti and the Banda Ikona have toured extensively, playing at major international festival in Italy and abroad.
    Their first album “Stari Most”, issued in 2005, was dedicated to the historical bridge in Mostar (Bosnia), bombed in 1993, and which has always represented a symbol of the meeting and passage between East and West. Stefano Saletti and the Piccola Banda Ikona boast numerous collaborations with writers and theatre directors in national and international tours.


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