In August 2010, I Matti delle Giuncaie, released their first self-produced CD called “Iappappà”.
Afterwards, in May 2012 they released the EP “Il Bagno nella canapa”, 5 solar tracks including the eponymous title track written by Enrico “Erriquez” Greppi of Bandabardò.
“Cignal Patchanka”, released in 2014, is still inspired by folk music tradition combining rock, folk, tarantella, songwriting and it still enjoys the prestigious collaboration of “Erriquez” leader of Bandabardò, author of “Pizza Taxi”.
On the record, there are also numerous other collaborations including one with the Canadian singer-songwriter Marco Cagliari and one with Babajaro that plays double bass, trombone and synth.
In 2016 the last album “Noi non siamo stanchi”, 14 tracks partly instrumental and partly sung where, on the band’s music, participated Eugenio Bennato (Gioco di Onde), “Erriquez” Greppi Bandabardò (‘Tango Orango’) and Michele Lombardi of Scaramouche (‘ Maremma Africa ‘), authors of the texts of the three tracks.
I Matti Giuncaie pay homage Africa, the mother of all lands, ideally placing it next to the Maremma, their beloved hometown. A succession of rhythmic and frenetic sounds, a tribute to the man and the Mother Earth that reminds us that we are all children of the same Mother.

WEBSITE: www.imattidellegiuncaie.it
AGENT: Daniela Di Tommaso (+39 328 9594439)
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