Rione Junno is a very active band into the italian world music scene; in the last years it performed at several national and international festivals as Notte della Taranta, Kaulonia Tarantella Festival, Carpino Folk Festival, Pisa Folk Festival and many others.
Rione Junno’s muiscal path starts in 2002 when the band is part of Taranta Power, the musical movement conceived by Eugenio Bennato, sharing the stage with the most important world music italian artists as Eugenio Bennato, Cantori di Carpino, Marcello Vitale, Daniele Sepe, Enrico Capuano, Mimmo Cavallaro, Bisca, Antonio Infantino, Nidi d’Arac, Erasmo Petringa, Roy Paci, Tony Esposito, Marcello Colasurdo, Almamegretta, 99 Posse, Peppe Voltarelli, Otello Profazio, E ‘Zezi, Cisco (Modena City Ramblers), Ginevra di Marco, Pietra Montecorvino, Enzo Gragnaniello, Luca Rossi, Francesco Loccisano, Alfio Antico, Officina Zoè, Sha-One (La Famiglia)
They released three albums, Tarant Beat Project (2008), Tarant Beat Live (2010) and Terra di nessuno (2012) and they are currently working on a brand new album

AGENT: Bruno Savino (+39 3286188754)
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