SesèMamà is a group of 4 Neapolitan artists, Brunella Selo , Elisabetta Serio, Annalisa Madonna and Fabiana Martone, each with its own path already established and consolidated over the years, which in 2016 meet with the desire to compete in a repertoire that see the stars on the voice plan, instrumental, compositional and care arrangements.
The study of the sound and compositional choice, viscerally consonants to their eclectic personalities, are the result of the exchange of experiences, knowledge, suggestions, songs, joys, pains and emotions.
SesèMamà is guided by curiosity sounds and cultures of different ethnic groups, including one’s own, with their languages, styles and dialects.
A charming and engaging journey into the inner world to SesèMamà and for those who will listen.
Brunella Selo started very young, collaborating with many artists of the Italian music scene: Peppino di Capri, Tony Esposito, Fausto Mesolella, Avion Travel and many others; she performed at Sanremo festival together with Nino D’ Angelo.
Elisabetta Serio is trained in both classical and modern piano; she toured with Pino Daniele between 2012 to 2015.
Annalisa Madonna collaborated with artists such as Marzouk ensemble, Vito Ranucci, Fitness forever, and Lino Cannavacciuolo, Kantango and many other. In 2003 she made a duet with Noa as singer of the israeli artist Nini Band.
Fabiana Martone is a singer with different musical backgrounds, features collaborations with renowned artists and musicians of the Neapolitan and international scene.

REFERENT: Bruno Savino (+39 3286188754)
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