Slivovitz is a musical collective born in September 2001 and since then has never stopped playing, move, grow, change shape and direction, always in the harmonies and melodies of instrumental music related to ethno-rock jazz.
Neurotic, restless, frantic, never static, starting from Naples, who played all over Italy to land abroad. Hungary (Budapest Sziget Festival, Debrecem, Veszprem, SCO …), Germany (Berlin), Spain (Barcelona), Serbia (Nisville Jazz Festival, Belgrade) Croatia (Zagreb) and Austria (Mumyuha Hochneukirchen Festival). In these years they released four albums:
Slivovitz (Ethnoworld 2005), Hubris (recorded in 2007 and published by Moonjune in 2009), Bani Ahead (Moonjune 2011) All You Can Eat (Moonjune 2015). They are about to release their first live album in vinyl weighted 180 gr. A choice of field, a sound choice.

REFERENT: Bruno Savino (+39 3286188754)
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