The colour of the broom, punctuates the rhythm of the seasons, in one of the young Italian woods. Together with the smell of the resin of the pine-trees one perceives the energy of a volcanic power never tamed which many know as the destroyer and few elect as a source inspiration and regenerating power.
This is Vesevus, an instrumental project timeless and without any sort of label that, born from the symbiotic breath of artists of unquestionable value, takes its strength from the meeting of the Solis String Quartet together with the personal inspiration of the trumpeter Luca Aquino, and with the sophisticated rhythm of Gianluca Brugnano , that captures all the features of the Neapolitan tradition.
The repertoire we are dealing with is the one which has always lived and played at the Volcano’s
shadow and includes Villanelle, Madrigals and classic ballads of authors as Velardiniello
“Boccuccia de no pierzeco apreturo” (“ Little mouth of a opened peach”), Sbruffapappa “Vurria ca fosse ciaola” (“I would like she was a bird”) , Orlando Lasso “ Sto core mio “ ( “This heart of mine”).

REFERENT: Bruno Savino (+39 3286188754)
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