SUONI MOBILI since 2010 between Milan, Monza & Lecco
From the beginning of July Begin of July – to the first week of August
more than 40 concerts | more than 18.000 people attending last festival edition.

Artists coming from Italy and all over the world. Concerts are site specific in the best piazzas or parks or villas of the area, from the “Big” stage in the Sforza Castle in Milan to the low key venue in a remote village in the countryside.
You could stumble upon a concert while out for a walk, on your way back from work or while opening your window at home.
Music is in the air, it has no boundaries and no masters, as free as the hot July sun or the perfume of jasmine. Ethno, folk, jazz, songwriting, classical and contemporary music, all are welcome.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Saul Beretta (+39 3395218777)
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